English Studio | Teste seu conhecimento
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Teste seu conhecimento

O teste a seguir tem como objetivo identificar o seu nível de inglês. Enviaremos o resultado para os nossos profissionais e você receberá sua avaliação em até 2 dias úteis.

Seus dados


1- I a student.

2- John car is black.

3- There three apples in the fridge.

4- Are there onions in the cupboard?

5- What John like to do every weekend?

6- How often do they to the movies?

7- He to bed very late on Fridays.

8- I speak English very well.

9- What your father doing now?

10- Yesterday, my mother me up at 7am.

11- you see Hollie last week?

12- Waiter! I like an iced tea, please.

13- That five-star hotel is expensive than the three-star one.

14- Mount Everest is taller Mont Blanc.

15- How long you worked in this office?

16- I to Europe twice in my life.

17- Jonathan has been a teacher seven years.

18- Trump has been president January 2017.

19- Last night, Jill arrived while I television.

20- If he while I am out, tell him to telephone back. (call)

21- "The telephone is ringing." "OK, I it!"

22- If I the lottery, I would buy a bigger house.

23- What you do if you saw a ghost?

24- You go to the doctor's if your back is hurting.

25- Before the telephone and e-mail, people write letters more.

26- Rich people work as much as the rest of us. (use "have")

27- When I arrived at the station, the train already left 5 minutes before.

28- The Spanish language in Argentina.

29- My bike (steal). Call the police!!!!

30- If he so much, he would have failed the exam.

31- If I were taller!

32- By next year, I (work) at this company for 25 years.

33- At this time tomorrow, I (lie) on a beach in Rio!! I can't wait.

34- We don't have a lot of money but we manage to get (phrasal verb!).

35- Richard hates working in the house so we are the walls painted by a friend of his.